News StyList

Author: Alessandro Tuveri, University of Udine - DISO, at(at)

live demodemo 1demo 2, demo 3, demo 4, card news demo


  • bootstrap package official version with scss available
  • news (G. Ringer)
  • TYPO3 v9.5+ 


  • download and install the +ext newsstylist
  • add the library newsstylist from Web > Template > Edit whole template
  • edit the page where you want to insert your News plugin
  • insert the news plugin
  • tab Plugin > click the News StyList tab
  • change the options and size for the columns, show or hide some elements
  • save and view

Warning: as usual, there are some constants to set (Web > Template > Edit Consants) that you can modify. These constants are used to fill the form with the default values.


  • default - this layout shows the output like the nomal List view mode. You  show/hide and move some elements acting on the checkboxes
  • newsletter-plain - this can be useful to obtain an output on a particular page where you can copy the text (dragging the mouse) and then paste it into a textarea (ie. Direct Mail) to send plain format newsletter
  • cards - you can select 1,2,3,4 columns and according to the maximum news to display (see news configuration) you can get one or more rows
  • Universal - no bootstrap needed toDO!




  • not tested with other bootstraps than bootstrap_package. Prefereably install bootstrap_package.
  • this +ext load some scss styles. If you get some error maybe that you are not using scss.
  • not yet tested with less. Maybe in the future there will be a new version for less and scss, now the extension works only with scss
  • documentation at the moment not available, but the use is very intuitive


  • TYPO3 v.9.5.x and news 7.3+
  • NEWS 8.0.x +
  • TYPO3 v.10+


  • the output is not what expected, buttons, etc. are printed out despite of the plugin configuration
    solution: include the library newsstylist editing the whole template
  • image not shown - check the plugin configuration and/or open the image properties and select "Show in all views" or "Show only in list news"


  • a new layout called "universal" so that can works with any site, independent from boostrap package

stay tuned, for ideas, bug and other contact me: at(at)