TYPO3 Rollover effects

Rollover effects is a set of collections (4) under developement.

The effects are made with CSS3, transition, animation, LESS files and are fully integrated for TYPO3 CMS.

The  usage is quite simple, see the documentation.

All rollovercollection extensions are compatible and you can switch beetwen several (different)  effects on the same page.

The puropose is to get available a set of fresh effects.... so finally we can say FCK-WP.

Compatibility: TYPO3 CMS v. 7.6-8.7.99
Requires: bootstrap package v. 7.1.0-8.0.99 (tested under v. 7.0.5 and it works, I suggest v. 7.1.0)

OHE - Original Hover Effects - rollovercollection3

First release (may, 23 2017) is made of  ten effects with CSS3 and transitions. Based on the work of Alessio Atzeni.  
Highly configurable via constants.
demo | developement

current release: v. 1.0.9  (stable), May 29, 2017


IDEAS - rollovercollection1 / not released - 30 effects spitted into 3 different +ext with a plugin containing common styles. Under development.
TYPO3 demo here | Tympanus /Codrops site 

CIRCLE - rollovercollection2 / released: April 20, 2017
TYPO3 demo here | Tympanus / Codrops | download

OHE - rollovercollection3 / released: May 23, 2017
TYPO3 demo here | Tympanus / Codrops

BLOCKS - rollovercollection4 / released: May 16, 2017
This +ext is similiar to the other 3 extension. There is about 7 BOX effects that are a good starting point to customize the output of your site.
TYPO3 demo