Blocks, rollover collection 4

Author: Alessandro Tuveri, University of Udine - DISO, at(at)

key: rollovercollection4

7  effects available - you can customize them and reuse for your needing. They are simply a starting point to create more or different rollover or blocks.

credits: several effects come from

demo#1 - effect: TERGESTE (text with images)

demo#2 - effect: FURIO

demo#3 - effect:  UCCIO
rollover effect on image with title; caption below

demo#4 - effect: ETTORE
rollover effect on the background (inverted), with simple CIRCLE effect. You can upload an image then edit it and select 1:1 (height-width) ....

demo#5 - effect: SELMA 

demo#6 - effect: MARIUCCI 

demo#7 - effect: NEVIO
click here if you want to see the demo and some constants to modify the aspect of nevio (ie. for specific sites such as hotels and other...)