BLOCKS, rollovercollection4

BLOCKS rollovercollection4

First release (may, 16 2017) is made of seven  effects with CSS3 and transitions, coming from various site. The purpose is to get some  DIV with image text, title and more button. You can switch fom BLOCKS to CIRCLE and viceversa or use some different effects on the same page.
You can switch from an effect to another and install all collections togheter for your needings.
Highly configurable via constants.
Since v. 2.0.0 LESS support and use is dropped

demo | developement

current release: v. 5.0.0 (stable), Jul 15, 2022


BLOCKS allow you to get some div well formatted instead of a simple gallery of images, so you can dinamically select the columns needed, according the bootstrap package extension: 2,3,4,6 columns.
This could be useful to avoid long programming of page BE layouts.
See the demo.


All versions

  • on some effects, the alternate field is used as label for the 'more' button. This is not correct and it will be replaced with a new specific field.
  • some issue for responsive (mobile) mode. Many CSS still under review.

Under bootstrap v.8.0.x and TYPO3 v 8.x

  • the boostrap 8.0 or TYPO3 do not shows anymore the textmedia fields: description (caption) and sys file reference (link). Instead use: textimage until the problem is resolved (this not depends on my extension).

Any suggestion? Contact me...


v. 3.0.0 beta - released jan 21, 2021

  • compatibility for TYPO3 v. 10 - dropped backward compatibility with previous version of TYPO3 and use of less

v. 1.0.21 - feb 8, 2018

  • now you can use constants to change the paths 
  • removed any dependency from the bootstrap_package due to errors installing from repository

v. 1.0.20 - june 6, 2017 - bugfix forcing this +ext to be included at the last place within web > templates. Now the order is indifferent and ininfluent.

v. 1.0.18 - may 30, 2017 - modified some wrong constant labels.

v. 1.0.17 - may 19, 2017 - templates v8, wrong path defined in setup.ts. Due to incompatibility (resolved) with other +ext rollovercollections.

v. 1.0.16 - may 19, 2017  split templates in two folders contentElementsv7 and contentElementsv8 to ensure the correct rendering and features under T3 v.7.x and T3 v.8.x.

v. 1.0.15 - may 16, 2017  slightly modifications on +ext description field (removed a wrong path reference).

v. 1.0.14- first release : may 16, 2017

  • first release and compatibility with TYPO3 v. 8.7.x and bootstrap package 8.0.x