rollovercollection is a set of rollover effect that you can use freely in your TYPO3 CMS site.

You can mix all effects derived from any single +ext, on the same page. Via constants you will able to modify the aspect, size and colors, and use the bootstrap constants; the output is made using LESS. You can change or write your own LESS files.

The documentation and guides online, except the notes for the developers or admin, is the same for all collections.

CIRCLE rollovercollection2

First release (april, 20 2017) is made of seven CIRCLE effects with CSS3 and transitions, freely readapted for TYPO3. The effects are not the same (this is a beta version) and some modification are needed.
demo | Tympanus / Codrops

current release: v. 1.2.0 (beta), jan 16, 2019

OHE - Original Hover Effects - rollovercollection3

First release (may, 23 2017) is made of  ten effects with CSS3 and transitions. Based on the original work of Alessio Atzeni.  
Highly configurable via constants.
demo | developement

current release: v. 1.2.1 (stable), jan 16, 2019

BLOCKS rollovercollection4

First release (may, 16 2017) is made of seven  effects with CSS3 and transitions, coming from various site. The purpose is to get some  DIV with image text, title and more button. You can switch fom BLOCKS to CIRCLE and viceversa or use some different effects on the same page.
You can switch from an effect to another and install all collections togheter for your needings.
Highly configurable via constants.
demo | developement

current release: v. 1.2.0 (stable), jan 16, 2019